Friday, August 7, 2009

Hollywood Celebrity All About Coffee!

Hollywood celebrity

“It’s interesting how in every magazine it’s the skinniest stars that are not just carrying massive coffees but their shower with coffee also ,From Nicole Richie to the Olsen twins to Lindsay Lohan.

According to the Web site Natural Handcrafted Soap Celebrities use coffee soap.

Since ground coffee is a natural exfoliate and helps move away dead skin cells .
In fact, the soap I use in my kitchen is made with Kona coffee grounds.

I also recommended for cellulite, Brazilian scrub cofee soap For best results, I do a couple times a week;

As you well know, I drink coffee, and apparently so do many of you; coffee is the most consumed beverage worldwide with 400 million cups downed each year.
Caffeine acts directly upon the central nervous system. It brings about an almost immediate sense of clearer thought and lessens fatigue,” added Dr. Earl Mindell, author of "The Vitamin Bible for the 21st Century."

This soaps are wonderful for all skin types.
Coffee soap help the skin toning, ride of acne and dead cells.

More sites about coffee products
Rachael Soap
The coffee lover in me was certainly drawn to this particular soap. ... Palin's Soap Qxiu Open Directory. Rachael's Wordpress. Rachael's Handmade Soap. -

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