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~Coffee Soap~Handcrafted Soap~

~Coffee Soap~Handcrafted Soap~

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, mixed in with a rich scent of pure Hawaiian Kona coffee and a blend of wonderful oils makes this soap not only alluring on your nose but great for your skin. We use a base of olive oil along with coconut, vegetable, sesame, avocado, macadamia nut ,kukui nut oisl all great for your skin. We didnt stop there, for more amazing lather and a scent of morning in Hawaii we added hazelnut oil and shea butter with a touch of pearberry and cinnamon. Since ground coffee is a natural exfoliant and helps move away dead skin cells it also makes a great exfoliator. This soap is wonderful for all skin types.

Customer Reviews
OHhh YeaHHHH Very Happy with my Kona Coffee soap!*****
Reviewed by Sasha A.Christie, 2009-04-01

WOWowow Amazing!!!! !!!! Great!!!!! Terrific!!!!! Finally something on the internet that worted to buy on

I Had sherching all Over for a coffee soap, Finally I found a perfect Match to what I was looking for me.


Natural Handcrafted Soap Nuts Soap Bars - All Natural, All Body. Enjoy the benefits of Hazel Nut in Handmade Soap Bar!

Almond Hazel Nut Croissant Soap with Cocoa Butter
7.5 Oz from Natural Handcrafted Soap

What can i say,,,,,,,,, Its like eating breakfast in the shower. This soap is made with lots of great oils, olive, vegetable, coconut, palm, castor, sesame, brazilian sweet almond and hazelnut oils, plus cocoa butter and almond butter makes this a real treat. With the addition of Brazilian almond and hazelnut essential oils you will think your taking a shower in the bakery. Brazilian sweet almond oil provides extra softening properties. Hazelnut oil from Brazil is said to be an excellent choice for it's ability to tone and tighten skin. We use the highest quality cocoa butter. Cocoa trees begin to bear fruit when they are three to four years old. A native of the central and South American rainforests, cocoa trees are now cultivated in many tropical locations around the world. This soap is great for all skin types
Great for all skin types, almond oil is created by the pressing of almond nuts. This…