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Beauty and the beans:Hawaii Kona Coffee Soap

Coffee fruit abounds in disease-fighting antioxidants and monosaccharides and polysaccharides, nutrients that traditional brewing leaches from the coffee bean. With this in mind, companies like Natural Handcrafted Soap produce handmade coffee soaps, to cure
cellulite and to help skin appear smoother and younger

Would you like some (wrinkle) cream with your coffee?

This coffee oil soaps helps protect the skin from ultraviolet light and promotes "excellent moisture retention, quick penetration and good adherence in cosmetics." I say: "Strong aroma of coffee" promised? Yummy.

It's official: Coffee is no longer just a morning beverage. The next time someone asks you, “Decaf or Regular,” they just might be asking you about your cosmetic preference!Cappuccino With Cocoa Butter Soap ?
French Cafe au Lait Soap with Cocoa Butter ?

Pure Hawaiian Kona Coffee Soap ? The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, mixed in with a rich scent of pure Hawaiian Kona coffee and a blend of won…

French Roast Coffee with Milk or Cafe au Lait Soap

French Roast is known for being deep & dark, rich and intense flavorful.
Some folks would have you believe  you have to shell out a lots of beans to get yourself a bar of
Cafe au late soap, we use French roasted coffee, milk, olive , palm coconut, and vegetable oils with a hint of cinnamon, it will make you feel like the French countryside in the morning.

Natural Handcrafted Soap been in the soap business for more then 100 years, start with grandma’s small batches of soap in Brazil.
_We were spent these years working for our customers to get the best high quality coffees.Our new ground french roast coffee continues this storied history.
Our handmade coffee soaps are blend with the finest 100% Arabica beans and espresso coffee from Brazil,100% Pure Kona Coffee from Hawaii and Roast French Coffee.
Ouah!-( That is French for Wow!)