Soap with freshly roasted coffee

I am a coffee lover and I find it very hard through the day without a rate of good coffee.Every skin type benefits from natural coffee soap read more here In the city where my Mother's live Sao Paulo. Brazil , there is a place where you can taste different varieties of coffee from all over the world.
The owner of the coffee store has a special machine for roasting coffee beans and daily roasting . That smell is wonderful.
That is why I had start to make my first handmade Espresso Brazilian Coffee Soap.
My grandmothers and my mother taught me to make natural soaps with fresh coffee soap, later on when I moved to United States ,NC,
I decide to make my Lovely Espresso Scrub Soap with Brazilian Espresso .
I always buy the freshly roasted coffee beans for my home. ,and make the coffee from an old style home made..
Coffee prepared in this way has very special taste and aroma and gives energy and good humor for the day.
Rich espresso coffee soap, refreshing and energizing to help improve the day.
This soap has exfoliating properties as he leads the finely ground coffee beans.
Palm kernel, olive, castor, almond oils, vegetable oils, cocoa butter, ground Brazilian espresso, grapefruit, orange, lemon, and hazelnut essential oils.


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