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Coffee From Brazil -coffee bean love story

In 1727, a military man, Captain Francisco de Mello Palheta, introduced prized coffee seeds from French Guyana for the very first time in Brazil. At the time, French Guyana had a monopoly on coffee beans and refused to make them available to Brazilians.

Through charm and romance, Captain de Mello Palheta wooed a sample of coffee beans from the governor's wife who rewarded him for his personal flair with a bouquet of flowers where she hid coffee beans as a gift for "memories' sake." This was the beginning of the coffee trade for Brazil. At the time, sugar was the main crop in Brazil. However, it was quickly surpassed by coffee.


The "Fazendas de CafĂ©" (coffee plantations) were run as small states by coffee growing families committed to establishing an image of nobility and high class status. About 67% of all farms have less than 10 acres. About 25% of farms have less than 50 acres. The remaining 8% excee…