Coffee or tea ?

Tea or coffee?

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Herbs and Coffee beans Have Potent Healing Properties

Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap Review

Washing with coffee has a lot of benefits for your skin - including the possibility that it may protect your skin from skin cancer. Scientists first discovered the link between caffeine and skin cancer prevention back in 2002, but a research team made up of dermatologists around the country recently announced that they think they know how caffeine prevents skin cancer. Post By Joe
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It is with a measure of surprise and great satisfaction that I report to you your soap has rectified the problem altogether. Indeed, for the past year and a half, I have used your Tea Tree Oil soap everyday and have not had one occurrence of fungal infection. Post by Clea

Coffee Soap Odor Elminating, Brazilian Espresso Luxury Soap I was read the istorie ,happen when Santa Lucia give a gift for a fisherman in the Amazon River from Brazil, She is a Centenary who Lives in Brazil and start the Natural Handcrafted Soap ,back 1900s . Post by John

I was suprised to find that the body scrub left my skin smooth and moisturized, not just for a little while but for most of the day. I think there is something special going on here, perhaps these people are modern day alchemists with a special formula. However they managed to do it, I'm happy I got a chance to give this coffee body scrub a test run. Try it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed! Post By Benjamin Zeman

Sea Kelp / Moss with Chamomile Herbal Tea
This soap is almost addictive, when I ran out had to order more. ... I absolutely love Sea Kelp / Moss with Chamomile Herb and Cocoa Butter *Soap work for my skin as a miracle, Im not suffer from dry skin any longer.

A coffee body scrub stimulates circulation to remove cellulite - Eva

So far so good
ea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash
I have super sensitive skin and a cabinet full of products that I have used once and then had a bad reaction and boom, can't touch them again. So far, I have no issues with this product. I especially like using it in the morning, because the tea tree aroma wakes me up! - Mommy

Thank you for your quick shipment! The Kona coffee soaps are great. Highly recommend to anyone. The coffee soap is rich and creamy. Skin feels soft and clean. " Nancy

"Lovely Coffee and Tea tree hand made soaps. Arrived on time and smell wonderful." Suzette C.,
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