Monday, October 21, 2013

Coffee Grinds to Dish Soap

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 3:34 PM
You don’t have to add coffee grinds to dish soap to clean grimy hands anymore!
Natural handcrafted soap   shares a way to boost your hand soap for when your hands a really grimy.
Dish Soap 
My grandfather showed me the secret of of a good way to wash my hands when they get really dirty, such as when you have greasy hands from working on a vehicle or your hands are covered in paint or ink.

My grandmother’s again  {Grandma Borba}use to make Brazilian Espresso Scrub Soap for my Grandfather’s take a shower and wash hes hand after work on old  car  as a  mechanic, so Gran pa’s hands were always covered with grease..Most soaps by themselves aren’t very good at getting grease or ink or dirt off your hands , just Scrub coffee soap  are the  BEST . . of all
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap- – Brazilian coffee grinds absorb garlic and onion and fish smell off your fingers, we recommended this soap as a hand and body soap .A must in the Kitchen.
Brazilian Coffee Soap French Coffee Soap Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap with Cocoa Butter Artisan Brazilian Pure Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap
Our Price: $11.00
Our Price: $11.00
Our Price: $10.00
Our Price: $10.00
All Natural Artisan Brazilian Espresso Coffee Soap Hint of Vanilla French Roasted Coffee Soap Excellent Health Benefits for The Skin - "Fresh Handmade Natural Artisan Healthy Soap Fresh Ground Coffee Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap with Cocoa Butter Skin Care Artisan Brazilian Pure Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap

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Brazilian Pure Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap Bar with Organic Coffee Butter and Essential Oils + Brazilian Espresso Scrub Soap with Coffee Butter and Vanilla + 100% Pure Hawaiian Kona Coffee Handcrafted Soap Bar
Price for all three: $32.50
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