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Best Coffee Soap Reviews

Here are a few reasons to feel good about using coffee soap bar .
My morning shower with coffee soap doesn’t just wake me up; it alerts all my senses to pleasure.
Brazilian Espresso Scrub Coffee Soap – Women’s world magazine Laura Hanon August 1 wrote:
Why I LOVE this Coffee Soap!Because it is certified organic containing food based ingredients. I also love the versatility on its use in the kitchen in washing out onion and garlic smells. That alone is worth the 20 bucks for this soap because sometimes lemon juice is not enough. If smelling coffee beans helps clear your nasal passages, just think how it can remove those nasty, odors from your hands!
I’m always game on trying new products that are not well known. I have found great discoveries and once I have tried the product. I can tell by the description that this handmade soap is made with love. If you have ever made soap or not, you will see for yourself that it is labor intensive. I took a soap making class once and I h…

Summer Care for Body and Face Natural Soaps.

Summer’s coming to Natural Handcrafted Soap   and
we are intently focused on bringing good natural soaps to you !
Check out our Guide to Summer:
We can’t think of another soap that reminds us of summer as much as Hawaiian Coffee Soap.
Hawaiian Handcrafted Coffee Soap

Try Goat’s Milk Bar Soaps
Because this is the time of year when the grass is at its most lush, the milk is also at its best, The goat’s produce
the richer milk ,than at any other time.
Goat’s Milk Soap Summertime definitely equals goat milk shower time.

Summertime means increased outdoor activity protect your skin against mosquitoes with Lemongrass Soap.
Lemongrass soap More Soaps for this Summer on

Lemongrass Soap with Lemon Essential Oil (Stimulant & Cooling Soap)
4.5 out of 5 stars(4) $11.00 Goat’s Milk with Golden Blossom Honey and Oatmeal Soap (Exfoliant) Made With Local Farm …
4.4 out of 5 stars(5) $11.00 Dead Sea Mud with Cocoa Butter Excellent (Face and Body Soap) Licorice Scented Bar
4.6 out of 5 star…