Natural Handcrafted Soap Company -Café au Lait is a Handmade French Coffee and Milk Soap

A perfect way to start your day, French style.This French rich coffee and milk  soap -Cafe au Lait (French for “coffee with milk”) perks you up and gets you going in the morning. Enjoy the luscious aroma of your favorite Cafe au Lait from Natural Handcrafted Soap .

Cafe au Lait
Cafe au Lait
Cafe au lait (French for “coffee with milk”) is prepared with strong, hot coffee and scalded milk. It is the national breakfast drink of France, where it’s served steaming hot. This recipe is easy enough to incorporate into your morning routine.
This Soap is a  Limited Edition -Cafe au lait French Soap
ONLY 1 IN STOCK OLD CURE AGED BAR, French Cafe au Lait Soap
Limited Edition Soap Only 1 in Stock Large bar , This is a wonderful aged soap that can be used not only in the shower or bath, But makes a wonderful decorative soap, custom hand stamped. French Cafe au Lait Soap, make you feel like your in the French countryside in the morning. Get on here CAFE AU LAIT SOAP
Cafe au Lait Soap
Cafe au Lait Soap
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