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.Handmade Soap- Natural Bars: Coffee Soap

If you like coffee, go ahead and shower as much as you want and can with our coffee bars,
There are many factors that influence how coffee expresses itself , N0–just in your cup , but in a shower or bath too!
Brazilian Coffee Soaps .Woman’s World is an American supermarket weekly                magazine with a circulation of 1.6 million readers.
Try ours  Coffee Soap – from Brazilian Beans – Brazil Coffee Beans: Beans from the Cerrado region . Cerrado is a huge region in Brazil, meaning “savanna”, or central plateau.

Coffee grown in this region is cultivated at an altitude of 200-500 meters above sea level–quite a bit lower than our Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) Central American Coffees.
Brazilian coffees make excellent bases for some very intriguing blends, particularly in espresso. A lot of the very best espresso blends have a Brazilian base.
Many of the finest Italian espresso blends are mostly Brazilian coffee . That is why we are choosing the right coffee bars .  Brazilian Esp…