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Organic Brazilian Coffee Soap Hand-picked and sun-dried

Natural Handcrafted Brazilian Coffee Soap is  for the coffee enthusiasts! Natural Handcrafted Soap Organic Brazilian Coffee  is Hand-picked and sun-dried .    Brazilian specialty organic coffee growers have a unique advantage in the world. Because of the favorable climate during the harvesting season BSCA members can choose the processing method that best suits the coffee quality required by their clients. The percentages of natural, pulped natural and washed coffees are decided on the basis of market demands but also bearing in mind the option that brings the most quality out of the cherries for each specific lot of coffee. Brazilian Organic Coffee – Soap Hand Picked WANT THIS COFFEE SOAP? Get them onNatural Handcrafted Soap Coffee Soaps 7 ounce – plus  Careful coffee picking and adequate processing take place during the driest months of the year. Sun drying in thin layers, controlled by expert hands, may be completed in modern coffee driers where slow drying and precise temperature co…